Are Non-Alcoholic Beers Halal? (A Spiritual Quandary)

Ah, the age-old question: “Are non-alcoholic beers halal?” It’s a topic that has puzzled scholars and partygoers alike, while providing endless fodder for theological debate. So, is it time for Muslim beer lovers to rejoice, or will non-alcoholic beers remain a forbidden fruit? Join us on this light-hearted exploration of non-alcoholic beers and their halal … Read more

Why Are Non-Alcoholic Beers So Expensive? (A Pricey Path to Sobriety)

As if choosing to forgo the buzz of alcoholic beverages wasn’t punishment enough, non-alcoholic beer enthusiasts often find themselves facing another cruel twist of fate: the exorbitant price tag on their favorite booze-free brews. The cost of non-alcoholic beers can vary depending on the brand, quality, and where you’re purchasing them. On average, non-alcoholic beers … Read more

Why Are Non-Alcoholic Drinks Called “Virgin”? (Boring Answer)

There are many names given to non-alcoholic drinks and those consuming them. Most of which I can’t repeat here. But one name for non-alcoholic drinks that isn’t – necessarily intended to be offensive, is “virgin”. So, why are non-alcoholic drinks called “virgin? Let’s find out. “Virgin Drinks” Meaning The term “virgin” is often used to … Read more